EMG Ammo 9mm “Liberty” case of 1,000 rounds

EMG Ammo 9mm “Liberty” case of 1,000 rounds


EMG’s 9mm “Liberty” ammunition utilizes a 115gr FMJ bullet and all new brass casings. The Liberty Ammo is packed in boxes of 50 rounds, 20 boxes to a case.

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*Ships in 1-2 business days.

*For bulk discounts, please email info@lotustactical.com

-5,000 to 9,000rd for $219/case

-10,000 to 19,000rd for $209/case

-20,000rd and up for $199/case (free shipping!)

*Does not ship to CA, NJ, NY, CT, Cook County or Chicago in IL, or Washington, D.C.

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